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Mark Cahill

Software Architect and API Aficionado

I love APIs, coffee, and the Oxford comma. I'm passionate about suicide prevention and renewable energy.


I have been programming since age eight, and have always enjoyed seeing ideas come to life in my programs. I love to build elegant APIs that solve real problems, as well as useful frontend applications. I am passionate about developing software that improves people's lives, and which supports our abilities and enriches our relationships outside of the virtual world.

I started writing command line games in BASIC, then experimented with cryptography and client application development in Visual Basic. I picked up frontend development around version 1.2, and have seen several revolutions in frontend development. I started writing backend code in PHP around 2007, then fell in love with Python in 2008. I have used Python for everything from shell scripting and DevOps, to backend and API development, to petabyte-scale log analysis on Elastic MapReduce using mrjob.

I'm looking to expand my horizons once again, and build the platforms and services that will define the future of the web for our children. I love Python, but am interested in learning staticly typed languages like Go and C++. I am a versatile software engineer, and pride myself on architecting elegant solutions to difficult problems. I am a huge proponent of test-driven development, practicing what I preach, and endeavoring to shorten dev cycles and improve bug rates by keeping coverage high on the projects I manage. I have written software under a variety of agile software and project management methodologies, and look forward to new challenges that lie ahead.



Application Development Manager

  • Managed an integration project that consisted of 16 developers working in 4 time zones
  • Coordinated a recruitment pipeline that allowed me to hire 6 engineers in 3 months
  • Developed a mentoring program that enabled 3 junior developers to be contributing members of the team within 3 months


Software Engineer, Team Lead

  • Wrote a plugin for pure-ftpd in Python that implemented single sign-on against our public API
  • Built a full-featured public API in PHP for managing configuration and purging content from the CDN, as well as exposing services like assessing network performance from our edges worldwide to the customer's origin
  • Worked on a team of engineers that developed an AngularJS single-page application that utilized the public API, and replaced an aging Flex application
  • Utilized service-oriented architecture to interact with the CDN and its components


Data Analyst and Developer

  • Extended the Node.js telemetry system I developed at Analytical Labs (an open source project) to capture mobile telemetry data, and wrote a variety of backends
  • Developed a self-service business intelligence application in JavaScript and Python that integrated with BigQuery and enforced row-level multitenancy, allowing customers to access their usage data
  • Developed and maintained a scalable analytics infrastructure on Node.js, Hadoop, and BigQuery that allowed us to analyze 100 billion requests per year
  • Wrote a number of shell processing applications in C, C++, and Python that were executed both in batch processing on the command line, as well as in a Hadoop job